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File Created: 24-Jul-1985 by BC Geological Survey (BCGS)
Last Edit:  25-Apr-2019 by Karl A. Flower (KAF)

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NMI 092I7 Cu11
Name IDE-AM, MINEX, IDE 2, AM 32 FR., SNOW, MINING LEASE 14, HIGHMONT NO. 4, VM Mining Division Kamloops
BCGS Map 092I046
Status Developed Prospect NTS Map 092I07W
Latitude 050º 25' 33'' UTM 10 (NAD 83)
Longitude 120º 59' 41'' Northing 5587900
Easting 642434
Commodities Copper, Molybdenum Deposit Types L04 : Porphyry Cu +/- Mo +/- Au
Tectonic Belt Intermontane Terrane Quesnel
Capsule Geology

The Ide-Am occurrence is located northeast of Gnawed Mountain and south of the Highmont (MINFILE 092ISE013) open-pit.

The area is situated in the central core of the Lower Jurassic Guichon Creek Batholith and is underlain for the most part by Skeena variety quartz diorite to granodiorite intruded by the Gnawed Mountain quartz plagioclase porphyry (Bethsaida) dike, which trends southeast. A specularite breccia zone sub-parallel to the dike is thought to be a clastic phase of the quartz porphyry. Minor aplite dikes occur throughout the property and are most abundant within the mineralized section of Skeena quartz diorite. Weak sericitic, chloritic, hematitic and kaolinitic alteration is evident.

Along with intrusive contacts, faulting plays a major role in ore control. The area is crossed by en echelon north-northeast–trending faults with strike lengths up to 750 metres (Waterhole fault). Sericitic alteration is associated with faulting. A system of steep to moderately dipping joints are developed striking 040 and 070 degrees.

Mineralization is evident throughout the area as disseminations in the country rock, as thin veneers on fracture surfaces and with a late system of quartz stringers. Bornite, chalcopyrite, malachite and azurite are widely distributed. Fine- grained molybdenite also occurs. Quartz veins are up to 10 centimetres wide and are typically coated with sericite.

In 1984, chip sampling of trenches yielded an average of 0.17 per cent copper with 0.018 per cent molybdenum over 21 metres in trench 1, 0.14 per cent copper over 63 metres in trench 2 and 0.20 per cent copper over 45 metres in trench 3 (Assessment Report 13257).

In 1985, percussion drilling yielded 0.18 per cent copper and 0.015 per cent molybdenum over 106.68 metres, including 0.22 per cent copper and 0.025 per cent molybdenum over 48.77 metres, in hole P-84-350 and greater than 0.30 per cent copper over 30.48 metres in hole P-84-352 (Assessment Report 13802).

Drill-indicated reserves for the Am 32 Fr. zone are 11,480,257 tonnes grading 0.27 per cent copper and 0.005 per cent molybdenum. Grade given was 0.01 per cent molybdenite; conversion to molybdenum using the factor 1.6681. The deposit became part of the Highmont (MINFILE 092ISE013) occurrence in 1976 and might be included within reserves for that property (Statement of Material Facts Minex Development Ltd. February 2, 1972 - Bacon & Crowhurst Ltd. March 11, 1970).

In 1959, Kennco Explorations completed a program of ground geophysical surveys, soil sampling, geological mapping and three diamond drill holes on the area as the VM property. In 1968, Minex Development, on behalf of Canadian Superior Exploration, completed a program of soil sampling, geological mapping, a 35.0 line-kilometre induced polarization survey and diamond drilling on the area. In 1974 and 1975, Highmont Mining completed programs of geological mapping and ground electromagnetic surveys on the area. In 1981, Highmont Operating Corp. completed two percussion drill holes, totalling 61.0 metres. In 1984 and 1985, Highmont completed a program of soil sampling, geological mapping, trenching and three percussion drill holes, totalling 321.0 metres, on the area.

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