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File Created: 24-Jul-1985 by BC Geological Survey (BCGS)
Last Edit:  14-Jul-2021 by Karl A. Flower (KAF)

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NMI 092I7 Cu6
Name ABERDEEN (L.960), ABERDEEN MINE, PLYMOUTH QUEEN (L.997), CROWN Mining Division Kamloops, Nicola
BCGS Map 092I036
Status Past Producer NTS Map 092I07W
Latitude 050º 18' 13'' UTM 10 (NAD 83)
Longitude 120º 51' 31'' Northing 5574582
Easting 652492
Commodities Copper, Silver, Gold Deposit Types L04 : Porphyry Cu +/- Mo +/- Au
Tectonic Belt Intermontane Terrane Quesnel
Capsule Geology

The Aberdeen mine is located immediately west of Broom Creek approximately 2 kilometres northwest of its confluence with Guichon Creek.

The area is underlain by rocks of the Upper Triassic to Lower Jurassic Guichon Creek Batholith, which are covered for the most part by extensive glacial overburden. Near the mine, Broom Creek parallels the contact between two varieties of the older Highland Valley phase of the Guichon Creek Batholith. To the west is the Chataway granodiorite (190 ± 8 Ma). To the east, rocks previously designated by Northcote (1969) as fine-grained granodiorite belonging to the Witches Brook phase (199 ± 8 Ma) have been remapped by McMillan (1978) as quartz monzodiorite of the older Guichon variety.

The Aberdeen deposit lies along a mass of greenstone between two coarse joint planes striking 300 degrees in the plutonic rocks. A series of high-grade, en-echelon lenses, striking 310 degrees and dipping steeply to the northeast, occur in a fracture zone to a depth of 30 metres. Mineralization consists of chalcocite, specularite, minor native copper, chalcopyrite, pyrite and bornite in a gangue of tourmaline, quartz and hematite. Malachite staining is also present.

It is reported that the mine produced approximately 1270 tonnes grading approximately 7 per cent copper with some silver values (Assessment Report 1826).

Work History

The mine was developed through 1929 by a vertical shaft from which levels have been run at depths of 15.2, 30.5, 45.7 and 61 metres. Several of these drifts are stated to be 125 metres long.

In 1959, Torwest Resources acquired the property and completed a program of dewatering the shaft and underground sampling. Also around this time, a self-potential survey and minor diamond drilling was completed on the area.

In 1965, Bralorne Resources competed a program of geological mapping, a 95.0 line-kilometre induced polarization survey and a 107.2 line-kilometre ground magnetic survey on the area as the Dot, Rose, She and Wiz claims. The following year, a program of soil sampling was completed.

In 1968, King Resources Co. completed a program of geological mapping on the area as the Ant, In, Jay, Len, Rex, Rob, Sho, T.D.M. and Wiz-Dot claims of the Chataway property.

In 1969, Torwest Resources completed a 55.0 line-kilometre ground magnetic and electromagnetic survey and a 95.0 line-kilometre airborne magnetic survey on the area as the Crown claims. In 1971, a soil sampling program was completed.

In 1973, Rio Plata Silver Mines Ltd. completed 23.1 line-kilometres of induced polarization surveys on the area immediately south of the occurrence as the Kristian Ross property.

In 1981, Lawrence Mining Corp. completed a program of soil sampling and two percussion drillholes, totalling 97.23 metres, on the area as the Tye 1-3 claims. Specks of native copper were identified in the drill cuttings but assay results were negligible.

In 1995, Robert Gale prospected and sampled the area immediately southeast of the occurrence as the Amy 3-7 claims. A select dump sample (25722) of tourmaline-hematite with fine veinlets of quartz and native copper yielded 0.12 gram per tonne gold, 15.6 grams per tonne silver and greater than 1 per cent copper, whereas another select dump sample (25737) of massive chalcocite-hematite yielded 22.6 grams per tonne silver and 8.30 per cent copper (Assessment Report 24216).

In 2006, Alhambra Resources completed 21.0 line-kilometres of induced polarization, magnetic and electromagnetic (very low frequency) surveys on the Dot claims. Further programs of geophysical surveys, geological mapping, geochemical sampling and 14 diamond drill holes, totalling 3097.4 metres, were completed in 2007 and 2008 by Dot Resources Ltd. A rock sample (653726) of biotite-magnetite granodiorite with trace malachite, taken from a roadside outcrop several hundred metres north-northeast of the occurrence, yielded 0.147 per cent copper (Assessment Report 29969).

In 2011, Lucas Handley prospected and sampled the area as the Aberdeen claims.

In 2013, Dot Resources completed a 12.0 line-kilometre ground electromagnetic survey on the area as part of the Dot property.

In 2014, Dot Resources Ltd. completed a program of geological mapping on the area immediately south of the occurrence as the Don 1 claim.

In 2019, Greg Thomson completed a minor soil sampling program on the area as the Dot property.

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