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File Created: 24-Jul-1985 by BC Geological Survey (BCGS)
Last Edit:  08-Feb-2022 by Nicole Barlow (NB)

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NMI 092I10 Cu2
BCGS Map 092I056
Status Prospect NTS Map 092I10W
Latitude 050º 31' 21'' UTM 10 (NAD 83)
Longitude 120º 52' 42'' Northing 5598877
Easting 650393
Commodities Copper, Molybdenum Deposit Types L04 : Porphyry Cu +/- Mo +/- Au
Tectonic Belt Intermontane Terrane Quesnel
Capsule Geology

The Dansey occurrence is located west of Guichon Creek, approximately 6 kilometres northwest of Logan Lake.

The area is located at the eastern edge of the Late Triassic to Middle Jurassic Guichon Creek Batholith and overlies the contact between Hybrid phase and Guichon variety (Highland Valley phase) rocks. Three main rock types are evident: diorite, quartz diorite and granodiorite. Fracturing and shearing are abundant in the diorite and quartz diorite but markedly less so in the granodiorite.

Mineralization on the Dansey property is associated with diorite and quartz diorite over an area of approximately 500 metres by 250 metres. Most of the mineralization occurs along fractures and the majority is associated with a second group of fractures, which strike from 040 to 080 degrees. The main minerals include chalcopyrite and pyrite, with minor amounts of molybdenite, specularite, chalcocite and bornite. Malachite, azurite and chrysocolla occur as secondary minerals. Areas of moderate copper-molybdenum mineralization (greater than 0.1 per cent copper) occur near the contact between diorite and quartz diorite with weak zones of copper-molybdenum mineralization scattered throughout the diorite.

Locally, several mineralized areas have been identified on the former Fran 4, 5, 6 and 8 claims and Giselle 7 and 8 claims. Later reports describe three mineralized zones, referred to as the Blue, Cliff and North (Ridge) zones. On the Fran 4 to 6 claims, trenching has exposed disseminations and blebs of chalcopyrite, pyrite, bornite, hematite, magnetite and molybdenite mineralization in and adjacent to several northeast faults and shear zones in quartz diorite. The faults and shears mostly dip northwest at moderate to high angles. The shears are characterized by intensely chloritized and sericitized quartz diorite and vary in width from 1.5 to 9 metres. Random fractured zones with pyrite and minor chalcopyrite on fracture planes occur near the shears.

On the Fran 8 claim, a caved adit is reported to have exposed an andesite and granodiorite contact with fractures hosting chalcopyrite. On the Giselle 7 and 8 claims a highly altered zone, approximately 30 metres wide, in a granodiorite hosts quartz strings, up to 0.6-metre-wide and trending north 30 degrees east, mineralized with chalcopyrite and pyrite.

In 1956, a 3.0-metre sample from the Fran 4 claim assayed 0.05 per cent copper (Assessment Report 00135).

In 1973, percussion drilling on the Tom 7 claim yielded: 0.135 per cent copper over 60 metres, including 0.165 per cent over 15 metres in hole No. 10; 0.129 per cent copper over 57 metres, including 0.165 per cent over 12 metres in hole No. 11 and 0.165 per cent copper over 40 metres , including 0.109 per cent over 27 metres in hole No. 12 (Assessment Report 4984). Note that the intercepts from holes 10 and 11 include sections of greater than 0.2 per cent copper over 3 metres and thus would actually have a higher average grade.

In 2008, diamond drilling yielded 0.20 per cent copper over 70.1 metres, including 1.90 per cent copper over 3.05 metres, in hole 08-SND-02; 0.15 per cent copper over 31.39 metres, including 4.79 per cent copper over 0.2 metre, in hole 08-SND-04 and 0.20 per cent copper over 18.29 metres, including 1.12 per cent copper over 0.22 metre, in hole 08-SND-06 (Assessment Report 31903). The following year, step out diamond drilling yielded up to 0.17 per cent copper over 14.54 metres, including 1.28 per cent copper over 1.04 metre in hole 09-SND-12, 0.20 per cent copper over 14.9 metres in hole 09-SND-08 and 0.30 per cent copper over 9.36 metres, including 1.20 per cent copper over 1.2 metre, in hole 09-SND-09 (Assessment Report 31903 and 31466). In 2010, diamond drilling yielded 0.101 per cent copper over 179.37 metres, including 0.477 per cent copper over 14.94 metres, in hole 10-LCD-16; 0.102 per cent copper over 19.49 metres in hole 10-LCD-18 and 0.101 per cent copper over 22.56 metres, including 0.733 per cent copper over 1.07 metre, in hole 10-LCD-17 (Assessment Report 32290 and 32779).

In 2018, a float sample of diorite (HVP-2018-20) taken 150 metres east of the Dansey occurrence returned 2.34 per cent copper (Assessment Report 38001).

Work History

In 1956, Deerhorn Mines Ltd. held the Witches Brook (Heather, Fran and Gisselle) group of 24 claims and completed a program of prospecting, geological mapping and soil sampling. In 1962, Noranda Exploration Company Limited held the PG group of 99 claims along and mainly west of Guichon Creek to the north of Witches Brook. This property was partly a relocation of the claims held by Deerhorn Mines Ltd. Geological, geochemical and geophysical surveys were carried out during 1963. The CL group, apparently staked by C.W. Dansey in 1964, was partially located on ground that was formerly part of the PG group. During 1964, North Pacific Mines Limited carried out a program of trenching, soil sampling and magnetometer and geological surveying on the property. In 1965, North Pacific Mines Ltd. carried out an induced polarization survey, which outlined an anomaly approximately 914 metres long over a width of 244 metres. Other work consisted of trenching, road building and eight diamond drill holes, totalling 1280 metres. In 1968, an airborne magnetometer survey (202 kilometres) was flown on behalf of North Pacific Mines Ltd. and Comet-Krain Mines Ltd. In 1969, Noranda Exploration Company Limited conducted a soil geochemical survey and induced polarization surveys over the Mike, Bill, Tom and JB claims. In 1973, North Pacific Mines Ltd. completed five percussion drill holes, totalling 384 metres, on the Tom claims. In 1978, Bethlehem Copper completed a regional program of rock and soil sampling, geological mapping and a 101.0 line-kilometre induced polarization survey on the area as the TL and GC claims.

In 2007, L. Sookochoff completed a photogeological (lineament) study. In 2008, SNL Enterprises collected soil samples in the area. During 2008 through 2010, Logan Copper completed programs of ground geophysical surveying and 20 diamond drill holes on the area. Reports were made on 12 of the drillholes, which totalled 3181.8 metres.

During 2014 through 2016, programs photogeological structural analysis programs were completed on the area as the Bertha and Toni claim groups. Also in 2016, a 5.4 line-kilometre ground magnetic survey was completed on the area, immediately east, as the Dansey East claim.

In 2017, Guy and Chris Delorme completed a 16-sample soil geochemical program. It was suggested that none of the areas sampled warranted additional exploration.

In 2018, Guy and Chris Delorme collected and assayed 14 rock samples from the Highland Valley property. A prospecting and rock sampling geochemical program was completed the same year. The program located new zones of mineralization on the property and a total of five rock samples were submitted for analysis.

In 2019, C. Delorme conducted a geochemical sampling program comprising two soil sampling grids, totalling 30 B-horizon soil samples, one silt sample and one rock sample, on the Highland Valley property

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