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File Created: 24-Jul-1985 by BC Geological Survey (BCGS)
Last Edit:  15-Feb-2003 by George Owsiacki (GO)

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NMI 092I9 Cu3
Name KIMBERLY (L.1447), KIMBERLEY, CHARLOTTE (L.1448), LAST CHANCE (L.1449), MORNING STAR (L.1450), STEM WINDER (L.1451), OCCIDENTAL (L.1452), KEYSTONE FR. (L.1453) Mining Division Kamloops
BCGS Map 092I069
Status Developed Prospect NTS Map 092I09W
Latitude 050º 37' 39'' UTM 10 (NAD 83)
Longitude 120º 21' 16'' Northing 5611743
Easting 687107
Commodities Copper, Gold, Silver Deposit Types L03 : Alkalic porphyry Cu-Au
Tectonic Belt Intermontane Terrane Quesnel
Capsule Geology

The Kimberly prospect occurs in porphyritic brecciated monzonite of the Cherry Creek unit of the Late Triassic-Early Jurassic Iron Mask batholith, near its northeastern contact with Upper Triassic Nicola Group volcanics. The exposed underlying rock is a fractured and brecciated monzonite, weakly to strongly altered by pink to red and less commonly white feldspathization, and mineralized with varying amounts of pyrite, chalcopyrite and magnetite. Most of the exposed fractures trend north to northwest and surface mineralization is widespread. Four apparently separate zones of copper mineralization are known to occur in a northwesterly trending area of more than 1219 by 243 metres. They are all found within or close to the monzonitic rocks, near their contacts with diorite. The mineralization occurs as fracture coatings and as disseminations. Malachite and azurite are common secondary copper minerals.

In 1987, Glitter Gold Mines reported that past work had outlined 362,840 tonnes grading 0.35 per cent copper (Glitter Gold Mines Ltd., Filing Statement 76/87).

The Kimberly property is located 5.5 kilometres south-southwest of Kamloops and about 1.5 kilometres northwest of Knutsford. About 200 claims were located in this vicinity in 1896 and it is probable that the 7 claim Kimberly group was located at that time. The owners, Messrs. Fowler and Carter, carried out exploration and development work until 1900. Most of this work was done on the Charlotte claim (Lot 1448) and included a 68.5 metre long adit, a 5.4 metre deep shaft and numerous opencuts. The Kimberley Copper Mines Ltd. was formed in July 1900 to purchase the property. Some exploration work was reported by the company in 1900 and 1901; the adit was reportedly extended a further 53 metres. The claims were apparently under option to a Mr. Beckman, of Cleveland, Ohio, in 1908 and further trenching was reported at that time. Three claims, the Morning Star (Lot 1450), Stem Winder (Lot 1451), and Keystone Fractional (Lot 1453) were Crown granted to the company in 1911; the company charter was surrendered in 1912. The property was subsequently acquired by Angelo Sartorio and in 1929 the following claims were Crown granted to him: Kimberly, Charlotte and Last Chance (Lots 1447 1449), and Occidental (Lot 1452). No work was reported at that time. In about 1940, the property was owned by Baroness Sartorio. New Jersey Zinc Exploration Company (Canada) Limited held the property, probably under option, in 1964 and completed 6 BX diamond-drill holes totalling 621.7 metres. Owner F. Sanft did a limited amount of diamond drilling in 1965. Kimberley Copper Mines Ltd. optioned the Crown-granted claims from F. Sanft in April 1966 and acquired the Kim group of 5 claims by staking. An additional 20 claims in the Alf, Jeep and Don groups were purchased at this time. Initial work by the company included geological mapping, geochemical and magnetometer surveys, and 276.1 metres of diamond drilling in 3 holes. Percussion drilling totalling 1176.8 metres was done in 42 holes, of which 9 failed to reach bedrock. Most of the holes drilled on the Crown-granted claims cut only minor amounts of copper. The best hole cut 18.2 metres averaging 0.54 per cent copper, including 6 metres of 1.07 per cent copper. Some 609 metres northwest, a drillhole cut 15.2 metres of 0.30 per cent copper. Phillips Petroleum Company sub-optioned the property from Kimberley Copper in July 1968. Work by the company included induced polarization and geochemical surveys, 2444.8 metres of diamond drilling in 20 holes and 1798.3 metres of percussion drilling in 23 holes. The sub-option was dropped in 1969. Kimberley Copper Mines changed its name in February 1971 to Nor-West Kim Resources Ltd; the company abandoned its option in about 1973. In 1985 or 1986, Teck Corporation carried out a VLF electromagnetic survey over 10.7 kilometres and a geochemical soil survey (148 samples) on the Kim claims in this vicinity. In October 1986, Glitter Gold Mines Ltd. optioned 100 per cent interest in the MD 1-6 claims covering this property from M. McElgunn, of Kamloops. The company reported that past work had outlined 362,840 tonnes grading 0.35 per cent copper (Glitter Gold Mines, Filing Statement 76/87).

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