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File Created: 24-Jul-1985 by BC Geological Survey (BCGS)
Last Edit:  12-Oct-2018 by Karl A. Flower (KAF)

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BCGS Map 082E059
Status Prospect NTS Map 082E09W
Latitude 049º 33' 30'' UTM 11 (NAD 83)
Longitude 118º 22' 56'' Northing 5490444
Easting 400037
Commodities Gold, Silver, Lead, Zinc, Copper Deposit Types I05 : Polymetallic veins Ag-Pb-Zn+/-Au
I01 : Au-quartz veins
Tectonic Belt Omineca Terrane Overlap Assemblage, Harper Ranch
Capsule Geology

The Banner occurrence is located on the southern corner of reverted Crown grant Lot 1199, approximately 900 metres south west of Mount Franklin.

The area is underlain by andesite and dacite flows and tuffs of the Eocene Marron Formation (Penticton Group) and siliceous tuff, quartzite and calcareous conglomerate of the Devonian-Triassic Harper Ranch Group.

Locally, quartz veins host mineralization consisting of up to several per cent pyrite, galena, sphalerite and chalcopyrite. Breccia fragments are common in the veins. Anomalous gold and silver assays have come from two areas: the adit area, and an area approximately 250 metres north of the adit. This latter area is referred to as the North Banner and is included in the Banner occurrence. Mineralization is similar at both locations. The Banner vein is up to 8 metres wide and has been exposed over 28 metres along strike. It strikes north west at right angles to the north east- trending limestone and dips 45 degrees to the north east. The North Banner zone varies from 1 to 2 metres wide and has been exposed over 15 metres along strike. The zone strikes 300 degrees and dips 60 degrees east.

The Banner claim was staked in 1896 by Frank McFarlane and was one of the first claims in the Franklin area. In 1900, the property consisted of a 3-metre wide quartz vein with two small shafts and a 55-metre long crosscut. Samples from the vein contained values in gold, silver, copper and zinc. In 1901, the crosscut was extended to 61 metres and sample shipments were sent to a smelter. By 1905, the adit had been extended to 70 metres and intersected a 9.75-metre wide quartz vein, which was reported to contain "heavy showings of chalcopyrite" (Minister of Mines Annual Report 1905, page 187). Lead and zinc sulphides were also noted. Some drilling was carried out in late 1905 or 1906, with negative results. Another report refers to a four-hole drill program in 1908, although it is not clear whether more than one program was ever carried out. In 1911, the Banner claim was Crown- granted to F.W. Russell and associates.

In 1968, Franklin Mines Ltd. carried out an exploration program in the Franklin camp; however, the only work in the vicinity of the Banner Crown grant appears to be some road construction and line cutting.

In 1969, a program of rock, soil and silt sampling, geophysical surveys, geological mapping, trenching and minor diamond drilling was completed. The adit was also re-opened at this time to allow underground mapping and sampling. A silicified zone was identified from 43.5 to 52.5 metres down the tunnel with the central 6 metres averaging 0.37 per cent copper, 2.91 per cent zinc and 20.5 grams per tonne silver, a sample from the south rib of the tunnel yielded 0.76 per cent copper, 0.25 per cent lead, 3.96 per cent zinc and 14.4 grams per tonne silver, while a sample from the Banner shaft assayed 20.2 grams per tonne gold (Property File - G.W.H. Norman [1969-01-01]: Franklin Project Grand Forks Area - 1969 - Field Work, Geological Considerations and Results - Geochemical Soil & Stream Sediment Survey).

In 1970, Great Plains Development Co. completed a program of geological mapping and sampling. An old trench, 7.5 metres north of the shaft, assayed 1.4 grams per tonne gold, 122.8 grams per tonne silver, 1.14 per cent copper, 6.65 per cent lead and 3.45 per cent zinc over 9.0 metres (Property File - R.W. Phendler [1970-06-19]: Report on the Franklin Camp Grand Forks, British Columbia for Great Plains Development Co. of Canada Ltd.)

In 1974, D.W. Tully carried out a property examination for Dallas Explorations Ltd. and recommended a program of geophysical surveys and diamond- drilling. In 1984, Starlight Energy Corp. optioned the Banner reverted Crown grant. Dump samples, taken at this time, yielded up to 6.5 grams per tonne gold, 375.5 grams per tonne silver, 0.91 per cent copper, 37.80 per cent lead and 16.40 per cent zinc (Property File - Starlight Energy Corporation [1984-03-30]: News - Properties Acquired in Greenwood Area - Starlight Energy Corp.)

In 1986, Longreach Resources Ltd. staked and optioned much of the Franklin camp area, including the Banner Crown grant. It is probable that Longreach prospected this area, although no reports were filed that are specific to this area. In 1987, Longreach's property, now known as the Platinum Blonde property, was optioned to Placer Dome Inc., who proceeded to carry out a major exploration program. In the Banner area, Placer sampled some of the many pits and cat trenches. Grab sample number 16783, collected 50 metres southeast of the Banner adit, assayed 1.13 grams per tonne gold, 48 grams per tonne silver, 0.97 per cent copper, 3.08 per cent zinc and 4.48 per cent lead (Assessment Report 17273). Sample number 16794, which was collected from a pit 240 metres north- northeast of the adit, assayed 9.27 grams per tonne gold, 45 grams per tonne silver, 0.27 per cent copper, 6.00 per cent zinc and 2.12 per cent lead (Assessment Report 17273).

In 1990, a sample (BCS 18492) from a mineralized quartz vein exposed in a pit assayed 6.4 grams per tonne gold, 40.3 grams per tonne silver and greater than 1.0 per cent zinc and lead, respectively (Property File - L. Lee [1990-06-01]: Property report: Franklin Camp).

In 1993, Sway Resources Inc. optioned a large number of Crown grants and claims in this area, including the Banner Crown grant. They proceeded to carry out prospecting, sampling, geological mapping and a 16-hole rotary and diamond- drill program on the Banner and Homestake (MINEFILE 082ENE051) Crown grants. A 3.05-metre intersection in the North Banner area assayed 8.55 grams per tonne gold (Property File - Sway Resources Inc. [1994-02-14]: Statement of Material Facts). The exact location of this drill hole is not on record.

No further exploration, apart from minor assessment work programs to keep some of the claims in good standing, was completed on the Franklin property until it was acquired as a listing property by Tuxedo Resources Ltd. in 2001. Tuxedo assembled a very large land package, by way of 7 separate option agreements. An airborne geophysical survey was completed over the property in 2001.

The focus of the 2003 program by Tuxedo was to test the Homestake (MINFILE 082ENE051) - Banner vein area. Work consisted of 40 line- kilometres of flag/picket grid constructed on the “Homestake” grid, which apparently covered the Banner area. Nine NQ diamond drill holes, totalling 490.6 metres, were completed and 364 metres of trenching in 15 trenches were completed. Eight of the holes tested the Banner vein and one tested the IXL prospect (MINFILE 082ENE033). Samples collected and analyzed included: 292 soil, 288 rock, 111 trench and 110 drill core.

Drilling showed that the Banner vein pinches out rapidly at depth, with no significant increase in gold grade. The best result from drilling was 4.0 metres grading 2.35 grams per tonne gold, 19.25 grams per tonne silver, 0.23 per cent copper,0.65 per cent lead and 3.16 per cent zinc (Assessment Report 27328). The Banner zone was described in 2003 as an intensely silicified zone, rather than a true vein. Contacts to the zone are gradational, where not disrupted by later faulting. Its true thickness ranges up to 11 metres near surface, but pinches out rapidly at depth. Drilling and trenching failed to trace the Banner vein on strike to the east. Intermittent outcrops, float and old workings on similar silicified material continue for approximately 250 metres on strike to the northwest.

Tuxedo Resources changed its name to Signature Resources Ltd. in 2004.

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