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File Created: 02-Mar-2012 by Garry J. Payie (GJP)
Last Edit:  11-Aug-2020 by Karl A. Flower (KAF)

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Name ARSENO, SULPHIDE, GAB 12, NEWMONT LAKE Mining Division Liard
BCGS Map 104B086
Status Prospect NTS Map 104B15W
Latitude 056º 49' 32'' UTM 09 (NAD 83)
Longitude 130º 58' 54'' Northing 6299730
Easting 379060
Commodities Gold, Copper Deposit Types I01 : Au-quartz veins
I02 : Intrusion-related Au pyrrhotite veins
Tectonic Belt Intermontane Terrane Stikine
Capsule Geology

The Arseno area is underlain by Upper Paleozoic volcanic conglomerate and lesser siltstone, limestone and calcarenite of the Stikine Assemblage. Detailed mapping indicates that the two zones are situated in siltstones and volcanic conglomerate

The Arseno and Sulphide zones consist of two subparallel mineralized fractures, which strike 030 and dip vertically within siltstones and volcanic conglomerate. They vary in width from a few centimetres to up to 1.5 metres. Both zones consist essentially of strong shears carrying quartz veining with variable amounts of pyrite, arsenopyrite and chalcopyrite which can be locally massive. The shear zones are surrounded by areas of intense wall rock alteration, which consists principally of carbonate alteration of the country rocks for 10 to 15 metres on either side of the principal shear zone.

The Arseno and Sulphide zone showings are situated on a large rock bluff located on the south side of glacier A in the western part of the Gab 12 claim (Assessment Report 20928). The Arseno zone was prospected and explored by drilling 4 holes (88-1 to 4) in 1988. In 1990, Bryndon field personnel dug trenches on both the Arseno zone and the Sulphide zone, which was followed by drilling 7 holes (90-1 to 90-7). Diamond-drill hole 88-1 intersected 1.2 metres grading 39.08 grams per tonne gold including 0.6 metre of 77.14 grams per tonne gold in the southwest zone (George Cross Newsletter, #182, 1988).

In 2012, Romios Gold Resources performed several geophysical surveys over the Northwest property including a backpack magnetometer survey, borehole-to surface induced polarization and resistivity tomographic surveys (“DCIP”), and controlled source audio-magneto-telluric (“AMT”) surveys, on the Northwest, 72, Telena, and Arseno zones on the Newmont Lake Project, as well as three additional AMT surveys at the North Zone on the adjacent Trek Property. The survey displayed moderate to high resistivities from surface down to approximately 180m; however, a sharp horizon of very low resistivity occurred at approximately 80 metres depth. A second low resistivity feature occurs from 180 to 220 metres depth. As the gold-bearing sulphides in the Arseno area occur within fractures as coatings and vein/lode fill within voids; sharp resistivity contrasts may indicate the occurrence of shear or vein-hosted sulphide mineralization. One of several samples collected in 2012 assayed 16.4 grams per tonne gold and 6.15 grams per tonne silver (Assessment Report 33620).

Work History

In 2012, Romios completed drilling, ground magnetics, audiomagnetotellurics (“AMT”) and borehole geophysics on the ‘72, Ken and Northwest Zones in addition to sample collection and general prospecting which also included Arseno, Arseno Ridge, Glacier, 2 Bad Everest, and North Cuba zones.

In 2013 Geotech Ltd. carried out a helicopter-borne electromagnetic (ZTEM) and aeromagnetic geophysical survey for Romios Gold Resources Inc over the Newmont Lake Block, comprising parts of the Newmont Lake property (Geophysics Report, Assessment Report 35016, Appendix VI). The following 21 mineral occurrences were covered by the survey: Ken (104B 027), 72 (Dirk) (104B (114), McLymont (104B 126), Northwest (McLymont), (104B 281), Jazzman (104B 282), Ridge (104B 325), Gab Northwest (104B 333), GAB 12 (104B 335), GAB 11 (104B 336), NEW (104B 379), Telena (104B 428), Bren (104B 429), Arseno (104B 432), Mon 2 (104B 433), Glacier Zone (104B 438), Camp Ridge (104B 441), Kirby NE (104B 442), Black Bear (104B 459), 2Bad (104B 460), Bridget (104B 462), O'Neil (104B 463).

In 2014, Romios Gold Resources Inc. conducted a prospecting and sampling program that included the evaluation of various showings and mineralized occurrences on the Newmont Lake and Trek Properties. A total of 314 rock chip samples and reconnaissance rock samples and 26 stream silt samples were collected.

In 2015, Romios Gold reported that a program of additional prospecting and sampling was carried out on the Burgundy Ridge discovery (Exploration and Mining in British Columbia 2015, page 135)

No work is reported for 2016 or 2017.

In January and February 2018, Geotech Ltd. carried out a helicopter-borne Versatile Domain Electromagnetic (VTEM) and aeromagnetic geophysical survey on behalf of Romios Gold Resources Inc. The survey covered three claim blocks: DIRK, KEN and NORTHWEST comprising parts of the Newmont Lake property and covered a total of 714 line-kilometres (Assessment Report 37492, containing Geotech Ltd Geophysical Report (Appendix Two)). The Arseno occurs on the Northwest Block which covers the following mineral occurrences: Northwest (McLymont), (104B 281), Jazzman (104B 282), Gab Northwest (104B 333), Cuba South (334), GAB 12 (104B 335), GAB 11 (104B 336), Arseno (104B 432), Syenite (104B 439), Cuba North (104B 440), Camp Ridge (104B 441), Kirby NE (104B 442), Kirby SE (104B 443), Thumper (104B 445), Black Bear (104B 459), Ray (104B 696), Arseno Ridge (104B 709), Vera (104B 710), Gerry (104B 713). No aeromagnetic or VTEM electromagnetic anomalies were found in the vicinity of the Arseno prospect though 3 significant VTEM anomalies occur on the Northwest survey Block to the north and northwest. A VTEM/ZTEM anomaly occurrs to the west toward and over the Bren (104B 429) and north into the Dirk Block.

In December 2018, Crystal Lake Mining announced that it had acquired a 100 per cent interest in the 436 square kilometre Newmont Lake Project from Romios Gold.

In 2019, Crystal Lake conducted a drill program, on the Burgundy Ridge prospect area (104B 325) and the Northwest deposit. They also conducted extensive grassroots exploration. Multiple boulders containing high grade gold mineralization with up to 84.4 grams per tonne gold have been traced back to a new target in the Arseno area. The boulders are selected samples that are not in situ, the Crystal Lake Mining reports that the source of these samples is not known and is not necessarily indicative of mineralization hosted on the property.

See Northwest (104B 281) for general details of the Newmont Lake property and Gab 12 (Rust)(104B 335) for details of a common work history.

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