Appendices - Table of Contents


A.   MINFILE Location Codes

A1. Mining Division Code Table

A2. Tectonic Belt Code Table

A3. Terrane Code Table

A4. Physiographic Region Code Table

A5. Region Table

A6. Electoral District Code Table

A7. Forest District Code Table

B.   MINFILE Commodity Codes

C.   Mineral, Rock and Modifier Codes

D.   Stratigraphic Age Codes

E.   Deposit Types

E1.  Profile Groups

E2.  Mineral Deposit Profiles

F.  Bibliographic Codes

G.  MINFILE/pc V. 4.5 Database Structure

H.  Data Entry Examples

I.  MINFILE/pc HelpDesk and F.A.Q.

J.  The MINFILE/pc Readme.doc File

K.   Samples of MINFILE Reports