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File Created: 24-Jul-85 by BC Geological Survey (BCGS)
Last Edit:  24-Jul-93 by Dorthe E. Jakobsen(DEJ)

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NMI 104M1 Cu1
Name LAVERDIERE, BUTTE (L.304), HELENA (L.306), FRENCH (L.246), HOLY CROSS (L.245), ALVINE (L.247), BROUGHTON, GREAT FALLS (L.305), LOON Mining Division Atlin
BCGS Map 104M030
Status Prospect NTS Map 104M01E
Latitude 59º 13' 24" N UTM 08 (NAD 83)
Longitude 134º 07' 17" W Northing 6565251
Easting 550150
Commodities Copper, Silver, Gold, Molybdenum, Tungsten, Cobalt, Iron, Magnetite Deposit Types K01 : Cu skarn
Tectonic Belt Intermontane Terrane Stikine, Plutonic Rocks
Capsule Geology

The Laverdiere prospect is located along the west side of Hoboe Creek south of Willison Bay (Atlin Lake).

Claims were staked on Hoboe Creek in 1899 by the Laverdiere brothers. The Holy Cross, French and Alvine claims (lots 245-247) were crown-granted to them in 1903. The Butte, Great Falls and Helena claims (lots 304-306) were crown-granted in 1903 to John Caplice. The Laverdiere brothers carried out intermittent exploration work until about 1918 when the property was abandoned. There are 4 tunnels, a drift and an open cut on the property.

Bethlehem Copper purchased 8 claims in 1956, reportedly over the Laverdiere Group. In 1964, Cominco optioned the property and carried out magnetometer and geological surveys and 154 metres of diamond drilling in 5 holes. In 1969, Centex Mines optioned lots 304-306 and drilled 32.6 metres in 2 holes. The property was taken over by Hobo Creek Coppermines in 1970. In 1971, Hobo Creek drilled 5 holes to test the area south of the French adit. In 1973, the property including the Loon claims was assigned to Rio Plata Silver Mines Ltd. This company drilled 57 metres in 5 holes on the Loon 71, 79, 80 and 100 claims and flew an airborne magnetometer survey over all the claims in 1973-74. The French adit was sampled by Pacific Sentinel in 1989 during prospecting on their surrounding Willison Bay property (Assessment Report 19887). In 1990, prospecting and sampling was conducted on the Ara property, which may cover this prospect, by Equity Silver Mines.

At the Laverdiere prospect, Upper Triassic Stuhini Group dolomitic limestone and underlying thin-bedded calcareous siltstone, quartzite and schist dip moderately west along the western edge of Hoboe Creek valley. These are intruded by Cretaceous biotite- hornblende granodiorite in higher bluffs west of the valley wall.

A series of semi-conformable skarn deposits occupy a horizon in dolomitic limestone near the siltstone contact, and are explored by several adits. Mineralization consists mainly of magnetite or magnetite-serpentine (chlorite, epidote, tremolite) skarn with disseminated to massive chalcopyrite. Three separate mineralized sections total over 265 metres in length, with widths of 3 to 12 metres, reaching a maximum of 55 metres. In addition to magnetite and chalcopyrite, specularite, tetrahedrite, pyrite, pyrrhotite, molybdenite, scheelite, cobaltite, erythrite, bornite and malachite have been reported in skarn, with molybdenite and scheelite occurring locally in fractured zones in the intrusives.

A 3.05-metre drill core sample assayed 2.85 per cent copper, 10.29 grams per tonne silver, and 0.69 grams per tonne gold (Property File - White, W.H. 1969). Molybdenum, tungsten, cobalt and iron are also noted. A 30 centimetre sample taken in 1989 assayed 0.46 grams per tonne gold, 18.7 grams per tonne silver and 4.05 per cent copper (Assessment Report 19887).

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