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File Created: 24-Jul-1985 by BC Geological Survey (BCGS)
Last Edit:  11-Mar-1988 by Lori K. Walters (LKW)

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NMI 092I7 Cu1
BCGS Map 092I046
Status Past Producer NTS Map 092I07W, 092I10W
Latitude 050º 29' 53'' UTM 10 (NAD 83)
Longitude 120º 59' 16'' Northing 5595943
Easting 642709
Commodities Copper, Silver, Gold, Molybdenum Deposit Types L04 : Porphyry Cu +/- Mo +/- Au
Tectonic Belt Intermontane Terrane Quesnel
Capsule Geology

The Bethlehem property lies within the Early Jurassic-Late Triassic Guichon Creek batholith and straddles an intrusive contact where younger Bethlehem phase rocks form an irregular embayment in older Guichon variety rocks. The Bethlehem phase is medium-grained granodiorite to quartz diorite which ranges from equigranular to hornblende-biotite porphyry. The Guichon variety is medium-grained granodiorite. Igneous breccias are postulated to have been forcefully emplaced. Clasts up to 20 centimetres in diameter are subrounded and sit in a generally compact, but sometimes vuggy matrix. The granodiorites and breccias are intruded by north trending, steeply dipping dykes which are compositionally similar to the enclosing rocks; contacts are chilled. Most of the dykes are dacite porphyry and range in width from less than 1 metre to 60 metres.

The Bethlehem ore deposits (East Jersey (092ISE002), Huestis (092ISE004), Iona (092ISE006), and Snowstorm (092ISE005) are controlled by north trending faults and are localized in zones of closely-spaced fractures. Mineralization is concentrated in breccia bodies, faults and highly fractured areas. The Jersey fault cuts through the centre of the Jersey pit.

Hydrothermal alteration is restricted to the immediate area of the ore zones. The distribution of secondary biotite defines an inner potassic zone, sericite with kaolinite and montmorillonite define an intermediate phyllic zone, and epidote defines a peripheral propylitic zone. There is an outer halo of chloritized mafic minerals. Calcite, zeolite and quartz veining and vug-filling is common.

Metallic mineral zoning is very similar to alteration patterns. Bornite and chalcopyrite occur in the hydrothermal biotite zone, specularite in the epidote zone and minor pyrite in the outer halo. Molybdenite, chalcocite and magnetite occur in minor amounts. Malachite, azurite, chrysocolla, cuprite, native copper, hematite, goethite and manganese oxides occur to shallow depths. An age date from a sample of a mixture of magmatic and hydrothermal biotite from the Iona ore zone (092ISE006) returned 199 Ma +/- 8 Ma (Canadian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy Special Volume 15).

The Jersey orebody hosts disseminated mineralization and occurs in an area of relatively evenly distributed and variously oriented pervasive fracturing. Irregular, discontinuous quartz veins also hosts mineralization. Production from the Jersey pit began in 1964 and from the Jersey pit extension in 1977.

Production from 1963 to 1982 totalled 96,324,510 tonnes, yielding 99,826,893 grams silver, 1,279,833 grams gold, 398,112,545 kilograms copper and 851,048 kilograms molybdenum.

The Bethlehem concentrator milled Valley ore (092ISW012) until its closure in June of 1989.

Reserves for the Jersey deposit are 22.9 million tonnes of 0.40 per cent copper. Total reserves for the Bethlehem deposits (Jersey, East Jersey and Iona) are 43.5 million tonnes (plus 6 million tonnes oxide) grading 0.40 per cent copper, minor molybdenum and 0.013 grams per tonne gold (CIM Special Volume 46, page 175).

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